Written by on February 5, 2018

Written By: Henry Ogun; Posted by Taiwo Adediran

1. Aye n yi ooo
Osupa tan kedere
Igba kosi duroo
Akoko n loo
Ewo awon irawo
Irawo toun tan loke
We are the twinkle twinkle  little  stars
We are coming all out.


2. We are d great minds
We are d great minds
We are lion hearted
So brave hearted
We are no ordinary being
you can call us the future
We are the great minds
We are the great minds.

3. We are the future painted so real
We are the dreams which will come to
Awalamona awalasiwaju
We are so full of strength and ability
We are so fulfilled for a better world
To make a brighter day for you and
you can call us class of legends.


4. In the middle of the lost hope we
Shall rise
And the world shall be restored
In the darkest dead night
We will shine
And the earth shall rejoice…

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