Stakeholders Charge Media Practitioners on Gender Sensitive Reporting to Achieve Fairness, Equality

Written by on September 1, 2021

Stakeholders have admonished media practitioners on the need to be gender-sensitive in the course of carrying out their journalistic duty.


They noted that the media, being a viable tool in bringing change will help achieve a society where both men and women are treated fairly and equally through their style of writing, special attention given to women issues as well as engagement of the women in media activities as much as the men.


The admonition dominated talks at the 2021 Annual Media Brilliance Conference, the first of its kind which took place on Saturday at the conference Hall of Kwara Hotels, Ilorin, the Kwara state capital.


Speaking at the one day training conference, Chief Executive Officer, Global Hope for Women and Children Foundation, GLOHWOC, Mrs Christy Abayomi-Oluwole, emphasized the need for the campaign against gender stereotyping to start with the media, because of the indispensable power of the press.

Abayomi-Oluwole stressed the role of media in shaping and modeling the society towards desired goals adding that the use of certain languages in reporting women related events in a gender sensitive manner will go a long way in boosting the morale of women in their various endeavours.


The CEO, GLOHWOC added that positive reportage of women will go a long way in encouraging women’s aspiration to contribute their quota to the society while also partnering with the media in its reportage.


She said that issues around women should be seen as a matter of right and not of doing them a favour, while also encouraging the women to be abreast of their rights under the law and standing up to them without relegating themselves to the background.


She encouraged the highly educated among women to embark on enlightenment of the lowly educated among them adding that women should no longer think low of themselves as to render their rights to men but be ready to use their population advantage in installing women in key societal and political positions.

Another speaker and Chairman, Kwara State Council of Nigeria Union of Journalists, Ahmed Lanre Abdulateef, expressed worry over the discrimination the female gender suffers from the past as a result of cultural and religious factors.


He said advocacy should be stepped up to ensure that women also stand shoulder to shoulder with their male counterpart.


The NUJ Chairman expressed the need for a change in the orientation of reporters towards giving women fair reportage in media events.


The NUJ Chairman lamented that we are in a society where the men always have whatever they want without consideration for the views and feelings of the women folks. He said it is high time that special attention was given to the women folk in view of the invaluable roles they play in society and nation building.


Ahmed Lanre stated that until he became a husband and father, he did not appreciate the tremendous  role that women play in the home, the society and the nation at large, adding that his experience made him pitch his tent with advocates of women empowerment as a way of giving them desired recognition in the society.


Head of News and Current Affairs, RoyalFM 95.1, Ilorin, took the participants on the know-how of gender sensitive reporting.


Adediran said reporting should be structured from the editorial level in a way that issues around women are promoted.


According to him, reportage starts from the editorial board where deliberate policies should be made to enhance the profile of the women folk especially those in politics and career world.

Adediran said that from the home set up, husbands should imbibe the culture of carrying their wives along in decision making, rather than an autocratic style where women are not seen as important.


Earlier, the Convener, Temitope Oluleye, in her welcome address said that the training was necessary to enhance media reportage for the female folks.


She also advised on the avoidance of terms that give preference to a gender, especially the men at the expense of the women folk as it could be unprofessional and at the same time demoralizing to the women.


She said the time has come for the media to put an end to marginalization of women despite the unprecedented roles some of them play in nation building and in the international arena.


Highlights of the event was the presentation of Certificates of Participation to all speakers and all other participants.

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