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Female protesters have been at the forefront of escalating protests in Iran and have been burning headscarves, after the death in custody of a woman detained for breaking hijab laws. Euronews reports that Demonstrations have continued for five successive nights, and reached several towns and cities. Mahsa Amini died in hospital on Friday after spending […]

Almost seven months after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, four areas under Moscow’s control have announced plans for referendums on joining Russia. Russia’s invasion has slowed down in recent months with Ukraine recapturing some territories in the north-east. Russian-backed officials in the east and south say they want votes on joining Russia starting this week. Reports […]

One person is estimated to be dying of hunger every four seconds globally. According to warnings by over 200 NGOs, a decisive international action to end the spiraling global hunger crisis is needed. In an open letter addressing world leaders gathering in New York for the United Nations General Assembly, 238 organisations from 75 countries, including Oxfam, Save the Children and Plan International expressed outrage […]

A 24-year-old man infected with Ebola has died in central Uganda in a fresh outbreak confirmed by health officials. The health minister has told journalists that the victim had exhibited symptoms which results confirmed to be positive for the Ebola-Sudan strain. before he was confirmed dead. Before his death, was a resident of Ngabano village […]

The European Union has called for an international tribunal over Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The call was made after the discovery of hundreds of graves in Izyum, a town recently liberated by Ukrainian troops. According to Czech Foreign Minister, Jan Lipavsky, many of the deceased found in Izyum are believed to be civilians, women and children. […]

Italian Authorities have confirmed seven deaths as a result of a violent flood that lashed central Italy, flooding roads and homes. Italian Authorities have confirmed seven deaths courtesy of a violent flood that lashed central Italy and flooded roads and homes today. Reports say about four hundred millimeters of rain fell in two hours — […]

Amnesty International has called for the Zimbabwean authorities to drop charges against university students who have been protesting against an abrupt hike in tuition fees. Reports received from the country safy fourteen students were arrested on Monday while five others were arrested on Wednesday and charged with disorderly conduct. They were reportedly released after paying […]

 Sweden’s Social Democrat Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson will officially resign from her post today, after she accepted defeat in a close-fought election, handing victory to the four-party right-wing opposition bloc, and giving them the first go at forming a new government. Euronews reports that With 99% of the vote counted, only a handful of ballots remain […]

The World meteorological organization has unveiled an alarming multi-agency report on climate. A new multi-agency report coordinated by the World Meteorological Organization (WMO), revealed on Tuesday that greenhouse gas concentrations were rising to record highs and called for urgent action to mitigate emissions so as to adapt to the changing climate. United Nations (U.N) Secretary-General […]

William Ruto was sworn in as Kenya’s fifth post-independence president at a pomp-filled ceremony today, after his narrow victory in a keenly contested election. Tens of thousands of people joined regional heads of state at a packed stadium in Nairobi to watch him take the oath of office, with many spectators clad in the bright […]

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