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Disney is under fire for shooting its new film Mulan in parts of China where the government is accused of serious human rights abuses. The final credits thank a government security agency in Xinjiang province, where about 1m people – mostly Muslim Uighurs – are thought to be detained. The film was already the target of […]

The Nelson Mandela Foundation has hit back at disparaging comments attributed to US President Donald Trump about Black world leaders, including the late anti-apartheid hero and South Africa’s first Black president. In a book to be published this week, Trump’s former personal lawyer Michael Cohen alleges that the president described Mandela as a poor leader, according to […]

China said Tuesday that it had detained a high-profile Australian journalist working for its state media on “national security grounds”. Cheng Lei’s detention was a new blow to deteriorating relations between the two countries that have seen China warn its citizens of travelling to Australia and vice versa. In the first comments on CGTN anchor […]

TikTok is warning parents and users over a suicide video that has been embedded in a clip. The video showing an American man taking his own life came from a Facebook live-stream and has been uploaded to various social media platforms, sometimes edited into other, unrelated videos. “We’re aware that clips of a suicide that […]

Tennis champion who remains the favourite in the men’s singles title at the US Open, Novak Djokovic, has been disqualified from the competition after he accidentally hit a line judge in the neck with his ball. Djokovic who realized immediately he hit the line judge and approached her had just lost a point in the […]

Saudi Arabia has agreed on Wednesday to permit UAE flights to “all countries” to pass through the kingdom, as Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu indicated more direct flights connecting the United Arab Emirates with the Jewish state. The announcement comes after the first direct commercial flight from Israel’s capital, Tel Aviv to Abu Dhabi on […]

A suicide bomber blew himself up at a police station in Indonesia on Wednesday, killing himself and wounding six others. The blast happened around 8:45 am local time (0145 GMT) at the police compound in Medan on Sumatra island during morning roll call. The Southeast Asian nation of some 260 million has significant numbers of […]

A local radio station that has been involved in the fight against Ebola in eastern DR Congo said Monday it was closing down after one of its broadcasters was murdered. Joel Musavuli, head of Lwemba radio in Mambasa in Ituri province, told AFP that the station had been targeted by armed groups hostile to the […]

Zimbabwe has fired more than 200 public sector doctors who have been on strike for more than two months demanding better pay to protect them from soaring inflation.   The doctors were dismissed after disciplinary hearings held in their absence, as President  Emmerson Mnangagwa’s government takes a hard line against a restive labour force.   […]

Five candidates, including two former prime ministers under deposed president Abdelaziz Bouteflika, have been selected to run in Algeria’s December presidential poll, the country’s constitutional council confirmed Saturday. Twenty-three candidates had registered for the election which comes as Algeria has been mired in months of street protests demanding an overhaul of the entire political system. […]

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