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It can be said that the Nigerian state of mind is suffering from a self-inflicted yellow fever. We as a nation have become obsessed with bleaching our skin, much to the detriment of our society. We Nigerians are a proud people. Low self-esteem is not often associated with the average Nigerian citizen. However, the perpetuation […]

Our country has many great centuries worth of history behind it. To most Nigerians, however, this history is left largely untold. Perhaps the best way to recognise national pride in a people is through their treatment of their history. Events such as great wars and times of economic setbacks and successes are relived through depiction […]

Do you know that Nigeria has the largest number of out-of-school children in the world? And that the percentage of Nigerian children enrolled in primary school has decreased since 2007? The magnitude of the Nigerian education crisis cannot be overstated: Ten point five million children are out of school. Something need be done about these […]

Ponder this: how often do Nigerian politicians speak in a clear and direct manner? How many coherent and easily understandable speeches have you heard given by politicians on radio or the ten o’clock news? All things considered, it is undeniably clear that political communication in Nigeria is flawed. A crucial part of voter-politician transparency in […]

Judging by the popularity of foreign-owned restaurants, hotels, and bars in major Nigerian cities, it is no doubt that international enterprise clearly dominates the Nigerian hospitality industry. Although, a sign of a thriving market economy, these conditions do more harm than good to prospects of economic growth in Nigeria. Our obsession with the foreign and […]

Why is voter turnout so low in Nigeria? In a nation of over one hundred and eighty million, we should surely expect to see larger figures of people on the electoral register and longer lines at polling stations during election. Our rates of turnout, however, appears to be progressively worse during elections. The issue of […]

We are all familiar with it: Fraud, wayo, 419, “yahoo yahoo” and even yahoo plus. As a society, we have become excessively desensitised to illegal methods of making money. We may even refer to it affectionately, going as far as glorifying it in music and the media as well as coming up with sweet sounding […]

In recent times, there has been a growing view that election results may start to go in favour of opposition parties, not necessarily because they are the best choice but as a form of protest against the ruling party for unfulfilled promises ahead the 2015 presidential elections. In the past two years, the party has […]

Like many Nigerians, I often find myself wondering why the political process in our country is facing this much challenge. As a nation, we have experienced this pattern many times leading up to and immediately following the election period: Politicians campaign for offices, promising what they know they will never deliver. After they are elected […]

The Nigeria Police Force has removed the Commissioner of Police, Enugu State Command, Mr. Nwodibo Ekechukwu, over the attack on Ukpabi Nimbo in Enugu State by suspected Fulani herdsmen. The Force Public Relations Officer, Bisi Kolawole, confirmed on Tuesday that Ekechukwu had been posted out of the state to another command. She, however, did not […]

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