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The horrifying accounts of modern-day slavery that surfaced in recent days have raised several questions for us as a people. Shockingly, our fellow Nigerian citizens are being sold into slavery for as little as two hundred dollars and having both their bodies and their basic human rights violated. This harrowing turn of affairs leaves us […]

The radical change in the seat of the Zimbabwean government last week raises several questions for the future of African politics. The coup signifies a mass movement against political disenchantment and the ruling class that may yet alter the course of African politics for the better. On the twenty-first of November, the president of Zimbabwe […]

According to Encyclopaedia Britannica, Africa is the world’s second-largest continent, spanning over thirty million square kilometres. Despite its diverse population, the continent of Africa is often homogenised in Western popular culture. Our continent is as ethnically diverse as it is geographically varied. Although Africans share a lot of similarities between them, we are, contrary to […]

Nationalism is defined both as patriotic everyday feelings and the advocacy of independence for one’s nation. The forces of nationalism were what turned Nigeria from a British colony to the polity we know today. However, since decolonisation, nationalism has taken a backseat in Nigerian politics. Early nationalists had considered gaining independence to be their primary […]

The Nigerian power elite is often accused of working as a cartel. Being one of the least trusted groups of people, politicians are seen as a small circle within the population working tirelessly to keep the majority out of government. Because most citizens are excluded from governance, we have seen Nigerian politics slowly turn into […]

Known to many as the giant of Africa, Nigeria is well known for her vast natural resources. From the tropical fields of the South to the arid regions of the North, we are blessed with an abundance of industrial possibilities. Nigeria’s territorial features are so diverse that virtually all tropical and semitropical crops can be […]

Nigerian politicians and civil servants are known for their lack of honesty and transparency in their financial dealings. In other words, our leaders are corrupt. Results indicate that the government’s recent attempts to tackle this corruption, however, have proven relatively successful. Earlier this year, the federal government announced a new policy of whistle-blowing to reward […]

Our country is currently experiencing a mass exodus of educated citizens. An increasingly larger number of Nigerian citizens are fleeing the country every year for reasons including improved economic opportunities and better education. A large number of Nigerian immigrants in Western countries go on to earn impressive degrees. Although widely celebrated, this phenomenon is not […]

Female Genital Mutilation, FGM is an atrocity that the Nigerian government has allowed to slip through the cracks for far too long. The issue affects one-quarter of the estimated one hundred and fifteen million women worldwide. Indeed, due to its high population, Nigeria has the highest number of FGM victims in the world. The results […]

Nigeria has for its fifty-seven years in existence, been known as a country of superlatives. Some have gone as far as calling it the most corrupt country in the world. Others often quote negative statistics involving human development, poor healthcare and substandard education. Comparisons involving our dear country are usually one-sided and unbalanced, as fifty-seven-year […]

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