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Many will recall reports made three years ago about incidents of xenophobia against Nigerian citizens living in South Africa. Unsurprisingly, the immediate and diplomatic response was to condemn any such acts, overtly denouncing xenophobia. In an open letter, South African President Jacob Zuma addressed the accusations of xenophobia against that country saying, “… we embrace […]

My people, some invaluable property has been stolen from us. This is aside from the billions of naira embezzled by our power elite. We are dealing with international thieves who plundered our people during colonial times and continue to benefit from those crimes. In the British Museum lies a pretentious display of colonially acquired artefacts […]

My people, we have a serious problem. According to the head of the WAEC office, 83% of Nigerian students failed the WASSCE examinations this year. Failure appears to be the norm amongst Nigerian students. But who is to blame? Even more shocking is the fact that teachers aren’t any better. In October 2017, 21,780 teachers […]

We Nigerians have a disappointing inability to look beyond the short term. The Nigerian Dream consists of chasing imported cars and lavish homes, regardless of those in need. This shallow and empty dream motivates crime and abuse of power at all strata of Nigerian society. In pursuit of our own material fulfilment, we forget to […]

Conservatism refers to an acceptance of political affairs as they are. Ideally, this means free enterprise and private ownership. In Nigeria, however, conservatism only protects the interests of the elite. As a result, there is no room for conservatism as a political stance in Nigeria. The staggering disparities between rich and poor mean that an […]

There is a reason why Nigerians would rather go to university abroad. Although our obsession with the foreign plays a role here, the truth is that higher education in Nigeria has fallen far short of its potential. Some argue that Nigerian academia has declined due to the constant strike action by academic staff. However, if […]

Nigeria has the second highest number of people suffering from HIV globally, with about three point eight million people recorded as having the virus. Unfortunately, these individuals are often subjected to social ostracism and stigma as a result. The stigma is a consequence of associations of the virus with danger, contagion and immorality. Indeed, many […]

The global oil industry is in large part responsible for environmental pollution and climate change. This spells trouble for Nigeria, as the oil and gas sector accounts for about thirty-five percent of total GDP and over ninety percent of total exports revenue. Because Nigeria is so dependent on oil, our economy largely relies on and […]

According to findings by the World Health Organisation, thirty-five point six per cent of women have experienced violence from their partners globally. Nigeria is not immune to this trend. Nigerian culture unfortunately plays a large role in protecting and sponsoring domestic violence. In the view of Professor Isiugo-Abanihe, the belief that a husband may chastise […]

According to international analysts, Nigeria is a failed state. What this means is that our country lacks the tools or legitimacy needed to pursue policy outcomes such as security or prosperity, at least according to international standards. But what if our state has failed as a result of the very international system which places these […]

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