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According to Inspector-General of Police, Mr. Ibrahim Idris, about three hundred and thirty-four thousand policemen are currently policing Nigeria. This means that the police force forms about zero point one-seven per cent of the total population.   This figure is nowhere near enough to uphold the rule of law in Nigeria. Many have acknowledged that […]

On Tuesday the 6th of November, President Buhari approved the new minimum wage of ₦30,000. This is following the Nigerian Labour Congress’ recent agreement to suspend its strike action on the condition that the federal government increased the minimum wage, which some negotiated to be around ₦24000.   This would appear to be a win […]

  Whether it is by telling incomplete and one-sided narratives of history or keeping African nations out of the global power elite, one thing is clear. The international system is determined to keep this continent down. This is not to say that the international system is maliciously subjugating our part of the world for no […]

It is shocking how quick we are forgetting that the political boundaries of the continent we live on were drawn by foreigners. During the so-called “Scramble for Africa” in the 1880’s, a group of inept Europeans that were utterly ignorant of local conditions tactlessly partitioned our continent. The idea of dividing a continent into independent […]

The ongoing crisis in the Middle Belt is often eclipsed by conflicts in other regions of the federal republic. Ethno-religious tensions such as the Biafran Secession Movement and the Boko Haram insurgency have allowed the conflict between herdsmen and farmers to fade into the background. More recent developments, however, have reminded us of the depth […]

We Nigerians are far too quick to assign unearned titles to leaders who are yet to prove their competence. “Your Excellency, Sir” is most obsequiously attached to governors, local government chairmen, and senators regardless of their political abilities. Winning an election is not a feat that warrants such flattery, especially when the Nigerian political culture […]

The Nigerian president is burdened with a gaping range of responsibilities. In addition to being both head of state and head of government, the president must appoint the ministers of all sectors and serve as the commander-in-chief of the army. This highly centralised system of government is likely a legacy of Nigeria’s years of authoritarian […]

In February and March of next year, Nigerians will elect a new set of leaders into a dysfunctional political system. We are all familiar with the way the process goes. Election time rolls around and is characterised by lofty promises and colourful shows of support for the wellbeing of the public. Both candidates tend to […]

Tuesday, the eighth of May, marked the Oro Day Festival in Ikorodu. On this day, women are traditionally told to stay within the confines of their home in order to avoid the lethal wrath of the Orisha known as “Oro”. Responses to this age-old tradition likely differ based on ideological stance, but one thing cannot […]

There was a time when Nigeria was well on her way to self-actualisation. In the abstract political climate of the period in-between Nigeria’s definitive democratic phases lies a host of questions which remain unanswered. In light of this, one cannot help but wonder what exactly happened. All the promises once showed by our great country […]

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