Ukraine war: Russian Air Strikes Cut Power At Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Plant

Written by on March 9, 2023

At least, six people have been killed and power at Europe’s largest nuclear plant has been lost after Russia launched missiles across Ukraine.

Report says, the attack hit cities, buildings and infrastructure from Kharkiv in the north to Odesa in the south and Zhytomyr in the west.

Ukraine said Russia fired 81 missiles and there were attacks on the capital Kyiv in what is the biggest strike in weeks.

However, the military claimed it successfully shot down 34 cruise missiles and four of the eight Iranian-made Shahed drones that were fired.

Russia-installed officials in the Moscow-controlled part of Ukraine’s Zaporizhzhia region said the halt in electricity suppliesĀ to the power station from Ukrainian-held territory was “a provocation”.

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