China’s peace plan for Ukraine could be used as a basis to end the war, Vladimir Putin has said. But Mr Putin said the plan could be put forward only when they are ready “in the West and Kyiv”. The Russian leader met Chinese President Xi Jinping on Tuesday in Moscow to discuss the conflict, […]

Following Russia’s attack on Ukraine territory, the report confirms that Ukrain is on a plan to stage a nuclear incident to pin the blame on Moscow ahead of a crucial meeting from the United Nation. Ukraine is planning to stage a nuclear incident on its territory to pin the blame on Moscow ahead of a […]

Ukraine’s outgoing defense minister says his country is ready for a new offensive from Russia this month adding that Ukraine had enough reserves to hold off Russian forces.  Ukraine’s outgoing defense minister has said the country is anticipating a new Russian offensive later this month. At a news conference, Oleksiy Reznikov said not all Western […]

The United States is preparing a new one point one billion dollars billion arms package for Ukraine in its battle with Russia. An official of the United States said the package is expected to use funds from the Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative (USAI). The USAI fund is appropriated by Congress to allow the Biden administration to […]

Almost seven months after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, four areas under Moscow’s control have announced plans for referendums on joining Russia. Russia’s invasion has slowed down in recent months with Ukraine recapturing some territories in the north-east. Russian-backed officials in the east and south say they want votes on joining Russia starting this week. Reports […]

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