Russian authorities have confirmed that the chief of the rebel Wagner mercenary force will leave Russia and won’t face charges after calling off his troops’ advance on Saturday. The feud between Wagner chief Yevgeny Prigozhin and Russia’s military brass came to a violent head in the past day, with his forces capturing a key army […]

Georgia’s ruling party has said it will withdraw a controversial draft law, in the face of mass protests and widespread international criticism. Thousands of protesters have taken to the streets in Tbilisi this week in anger as a Russian-style law began its passage through parliament. Under the bill, non-government groups and media would be targeted […]

Following Russia’s attack on Ukraine territory, the report confirms that Ukrain is on a plan to stage a nuclear incident to pin the blame on Moscow ahead of a crucial meeting from the United Nation. Ukraine is planning to stage a nuclear incident on its territory to pin the blame on Moscow ahead of a […]

Almost seven months after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, four areas under Moscow’s control have announced plans for referendums on joining Russia. Russia’s invasion has slowed down in recent months with Ukraine recapturing some territories in the north-east. Russian-backed officials in the east and south say they want votes on joining Russia starting this week. Reports […]

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