Surviving in the world of Journalism (Part 2)

Written by on March 14, 2023

I took my time to study journalism, how journalists tend to survive in a society filled with rotten goodies, how they cope with the innocent looking tigers in the system without being bitten.

However, these budding questions is what led to my resaerch of what to and not to do as a young and upcoming journalist hoping to survive in this teasy community. Do enjoy.

  1. Do Not Work In Isolation. As a budding journalist, working in isolation has more harm than good to serve hence one must be fully prepared. Aside from the fact that one will be left off the cleaves of information, the dangers the profession itself poise is not meant for one shoulder to bare.

While it is  a good pact to rack one’s brain and think outside the box undisturbed, it is expedient that every journalist hoping to survive in the world of journalism has someone to always turn to in times of trouble. Treading the path alone will surely make one stronger but having colleagues who must not necessarily be someone of  the same rank with you around you will make the journey a whole lot easier. I refer to people in this rank as bosses. They are called the real don. Serving one’s discipline alone of course builds confidence but having a mentor to lead one on speeds up the process. It may be one, two or three people that one just  calls on for guidance. You do not necessarily need a bullion van filled with experts otherwise you will be confused the essential thinggg is to get a person who is not only a professional but also an expert that is best at finding his way in the jungle to handle uncontrollable situations.  Such a person is professionally regarded as Mentor. Having a mentor to lead you on while you carry out your duties will make your journey, faster, easier and less chalenging.

  1. Work your inquisitiveness. While curiosity earned the cat the big fish, its bone led to its death. It is news to no one that as a journalist, curiosity is the key thing required to find your pact. Curiosity entails having nose for news and snorting tthrough to land the big information. Curiosity is the basis on which good journalism if founded.

However, a journalist who hopes to survive the times must learn to tone his/her curiosity. Tonong your curiosity as a newbie will help enhance your mental health. Jornalism itself is a home of goodies jumbled with useless pacts that does not only tamper with ones physical well-being but also ones psychological well-being.

Do no be confused! Curiosity is required of every journalist ace or new but one should know when to stop or avoid a chase, and if not just necessary but compulsory to snort through a story, going undercover should be done tactfully.

Stupendous young journalist, you should know that not all paths are meant to be tread, some just need a glance. Do not be jumpy.Be invincibly smart. Know when to pursue and retreat.Do not be too intruisive in cases that will land you in trouble-the ace journalists are best fit.Get your facts straight and clear and uneasy will lie your head even if the crown is gracced with thorns.


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