Surviving in the world of Journalism (Part 1)

Written by on March 14, 2023

In the face of ace journalists, anyone would agree with me that budding as a newbie in the world of journalism is quite teasy, bullets flow from all angles, attacks throb and the pang of indecision in the face of ethics strucks like lightening.

Why Place So Much Importance?

Journalism is widely known as the act and pact of a democratic society without which its inhabitants cannot survive. It is like water to human. It entails informing, educating and in some cases, entertaining the populace.

Journalists make up the fourth arm of the Nigerian government which consists of the Executive, Legislature Judiciary, and the Press. Without journalists, our society would be a den of goodies jumbled with useless pacts. Without journalists, the world would be a shapeless and baseless society without information.

However, those that turn around what would have been a sad tale of ignorants cannot remain so till eternity. Journalists can be journalist for life but cannot be journalist forever. Once a journalist, always a journalist but can one practice till eternity? Someone needs to take up the baton from where an old athlete left off. Young journalists must replaceĀ  old journalists.

In the world of journalists, many thorns grace the land on which they tread. A lot of of themĀ  have lost lives and properties in the course of carrying out designated duties and some loose even more.

Journalism is no child’s play, it’s palava and if one is not careful, fire might burn one’s guts. Outside the challenges encountered in the course of fulfilling work requirements without going against ethics, getting young and willing gentlemen of the press is a throbbing problem.While aced journalists fade out while doing their part in ensuring that our society does not rot away, newbies like me swear, day in day out to put out the lions feeding on innocent cubs forgetting that uneasy lies the heads that wears the crown. One does not know what it is until the head fits in.

Likewise, one does not know how dangerous a narrow lane is until the foot is set on the path.

Dear stupendous young reporter,

It is easier said than done. How do a young stalk survive among thorns of human weed? How do a budding jounalist practice in a community of veterans without sailing off the shores of ethics? How do one tread a dangerous route and avoid been bitten by the sharp teeth that grace the path? How do one tread the dangerous path without experiencing the sharp pangs of pains from needle-like thorns?

All these questions is what I ruminate daily without pause. Tricks are endless in the belly of the Policeman but will the fox burge? These budding questions however is what led to my research of what to do as a budding journalist hoping to survive in the world of journalism.

What should you do to survive in the world of journalism?

Watch out for a sequel!




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