Smoking 3 sticks of cigarette reduces life by 24 hrs – Health expert

Written by on November 25, 2022

Smokers are liable to die young’ – This was Prof. Olatunji Aina’s submission as a  keynote speaker at Vanguard’s 2nd Mental Health Summit that held on Thursday in Lagos.
The summit themed: “Mental Health in a Distressed Economy – Drug Abuse: A New Force Driving Mental Health Crises in Nigeria” brought together health experts to speak on the condition that has been referred to as a ‘silent killer’.
Prof Aina who is also a Consultant Psychiatrist identified excessive smoking as one of the conditions that could lead to mental health issues.He further called for more attention to be paid to those battling mental health issues alongside improved advocacy.
Other causes of mental health issues as listed by Prof. Aina are poverty, insomnia and illnesses.

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