Red Bull found guilty of breaking Formula One’s budget cap

Written by on October 10, 2022

The Red Bull has been found guilty of breaking Formula 1’s budget cap by the
sport’s governing body, the FIA.

The FIA said Red Bull exceeded the 145 million dollar limit during 2021,
adding that the offence was “minor”, and the lower of the two categories of

This means the team exceeded the cap by less than 7.25million dollar.
Both Red Bull and Aston Martin were also found guilty of a procedural breach
of the cap.

Meanwhile, the FIA did not reveal the amount by which Red Bull exceeded the
cap, or what penalties would be applied. It said it was “currently determining
appropriate action”.

However, both teams have the possibility of appealing against the decision.
Still in the exciting world of sports

Brighton midfielder Enock MWEPU has been forced to retire at the age of 24
owing to a hereditary heart condition.

According to reports, Mwepu fell ill while on a flight to join his Zambia
teammates during the international break last month.

Reports noted that he was unable to train after arriving in West Africa last
month and spent four days in hospital.

Meanwhile, Mwepu had tests on his return to England and Brighton said the
results meant the “only option” was for him to retire.

Reacting, Mwepu said he was retiring with “sadness”, and added that he had
lived his dream by reaching the Premier League but hinted that “some dreams
come to an end”.


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