Protests in London as two million people call for second referendum on EU

Written by on June 27, 2016

download (15)Anti-Brexit protests broke out on the streets of London after more than two-point-five million people over the weekend signed a petition calling for a second EU referendum. Protesters waved EU flags, held posters saying ‘Yes 2 EU’ and banners claiming the older population ‘stole our future’.


Senior Labour figures also called for parliament to overturn the referendum result. David Lammy, the legislator for Tottenham, said the leave campaign’s platform has already unraveled and some people wish they hadn’t voted to leave. The House of Commons Petitions committee will now be forced to consider staging a debate in Parliament on the proposals for a second referendum. Meanwhile, the Scottish Government has said it will consider a second referendum seeking independence from the United Kingdom, if the UK eventually leaves the European Union. Similarly, there are independence agitations in London, as thousands of people petitioned the city’s mayor, Sadik Khan, urging him to declare London independent.

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