Nigerians Reacts To Democracy Day Celebration, Seek Change That Brings Development

Written by on June 13, 2023

In reaction to the indifference behavior some Nigerians has towards the growth of the nation, Citizens have been called upon to adopt effective changes that will bring about progress in all areas and sectors in the nation.

Speaking to our Correspondent, Opeyemi Akeredolu while celebrating the democracy day, Musa Aliyu, a political analyst implored Nigerians to have a positive mindset towards the growth of the country.

“In the nation building, no sacrifice is too much, and as citizens one of our cardinal responsibility is to ensure the corporate existence of the nation we claim to be. so we are meant to be Law abiding. It is part of the sacrifice we are meant to pay and ensure that we remain one indispensable entity. We are to obey the law and order of the land.”

“We are to ensure that we let the leadership know that this is our nation and we have no any other nation to go to and also ensure that we always speak out when issues are not going the way they ought to be.”

A fashion designer, Ajao Ruth urged other citizens to make the society an harmonious one and not leave the growth of the nation to politicians alone.

“I want to implore my fellow Nigerians, that we should work towards making our society an harmonious one. We should not look at the growth of this country as if it is none of our business. Nigerian is a democratic country with a democratic nature and settings. We have to bring all our resources together to make it a great one. Not until we are all politicians. However, we should try as much as possible to be sincere in whatever we are doing, whatever position we are, whatever height we attend in this country.”

“We should speak out whenever we see anything going wrong, things that can affect the growth of our dear country, Nigeria.”

In his reaction, Mr Ahmodu, a retired civil servant stated that Nigerians should not always depend on the government alone for support, but make do with what they have in order not to remain idle.


“I want to encourage our graduates or our youth to be self dependent every youth to rise to the occasion. After your graduation from school or maybe you learn a trade, put it to use as we trust God for his blessing. You have to be doing something Government cannot provide everything. As a matter of fact the jobs are no longer available as it used to be in those days. So every youth young in Nigeria should be ready to do something so. Gone are the days where you say I am a university graduate, so as a result I’m looking for job for for how many years. If you cannot find a job, start doing something for yourself”

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