National Agency For Prohibition of Trafficking In Persons Arrests Two Human Trafficking Suspects In Abuja

Written by on June 17, 2023

The National Agency for the Prohibition of Trafficking In Persons has arrested two suspects, Awulonu Franklin and Joseph Ukaluo in Abuja over alleged human trafficking.

The Director-General of the agency, Prof. Fatima Waziri-Azi, disclosed on Friday that officers of the agency busted the trafficking syndicate on Friday, noting that the suspects are part of the syndicate that specialises in moving young female Nigerians between the ages of 16 and 26 to India for sexual exploitation and possible organ harvesting.

Waziri-Azi said that a sting operation was conducted after several days of undercover activity by operatives of the agency, stating that two female victims, aged between 16 and 22, were rescued just as they were being taken to the Embassy.

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