Liberian Rebel Leader Kunti Kamara Sentenced To Life In Prison

Written by on November 3, 2022

Former Liberian rebel leader Kunti Kamara was found guilty by the Paris court of appeal of numerous atrocities including rape and cannibalism enacted during the country’s civil war thirty years ago.

Kunti Kamara was accused of “complicity in massive and systematic torture and inhumane acts” against civilians in Liberia’s Lofa County in 1993-1994 as one of the leaders of the Ulimo armed group. He was then less than 20 years old during the fact.

Prosecutors requested a life sentence while defense lawyers called for acquittal, citing a lack of evidence.

During the investigation, he acknowledged having been a battlefield commander, leading about eighty soldiers during the civil war — a choice he said he made to defend himself against Charles Taylor’s rival faction.

With no material evidence because of the chaos of the war, accusations relied on witnesses. French police officers went to Liberia to identify witnesses and interview local residents. About fifteen of them came to Paris to testify.

Kamara was, however, sentenced to life in prison.


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