Kwara traders close shops over misunderstanding on non availability of new naira notes  , reject old naira note

Written by on January 30, 2023

Many traders at the weekend  closed their doors for business following high rejection of old naira in Kwara state and Nigeria at large.

Royal times  gathered that there has been misunderstanding within the metropolise  over  collection of the old note  by traders.

With few weeks to the final withdrawal of the old  Naira notes from circulation, most traders are rejecting the new notes for business transactions.

Some traders which include Mr Ibrahim , Mr latif , Mrs Imoru who spoke with Royal Times   said buyers are compelling traders to collect the old note. They explained that they have taken the old note with then to banks and they are expected to start collecting  new currency .

However, the Central Bank of Nigeria,(CBN) has extended the deadline to February 10th.


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