Jumaat: Don tasks leaders on patriotism

Written by on October 28, 2022

A Professor of Islamic Studies, Badmas Lanre Yusuf, has admonished Nigerian leaders to demonstrate sense of patriotism and respect for the nation to attain serenity and stability.


He also called for reconciliation among the citizenry irrespective of their ethnic inclination and religious persuasion.


Yusuf, a former Dean, Postgraduate School, University of Ilorin, stated this today in his Jumaat sermon delivered at Hilal Crescent Mosque, Offa Road, GRA, Ilorin.

He decried the heightening level of disagreement, mutual distrust and the tendency for segregation in the country, urging the citizens to open themselves to reconciliation.

The Professor of Islamic Studies observed that Islam as a religion laid emphasis on reconciliation between warring factions and people within the same neighbourhood.

“We have to ensure we bow to the will of God and our leaders portraying a sense of responsibility that we forget our grievances and achieve a prosperous society.

The call for peaceful coexistence as enshrined in Islam is very important at this time in our country’s political history to be able to live together in serenity ” he added

He, however, maintained that the call for Nigerians to come together was imperative owing to the current political situation in the country.


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