Java Earthquake Kills Scores And Injures Hundreds In Indonesia

Written by on November 22, 2022

Indonesia Officials have confirmed that an earthquake on the main Indonesian island of Java has killed scores of people and injured hundreds.

According to United States Geological Survey data, the 5.6 magnitude quake struck Cianjur town in West Java, at a shallow depth of 10km (6 miles).

While the exact number of people killed so far remains unclear, Indonesia’s National Disaster Mitigation Agency has said their official death toll was One Hundred And Three, adding that the One Hundred And Sixty-Two Figure given by regional governor Ridwan Kamil remains unverified.

Mr. Kamil also claimed that a total of Thirteen Thousand people had been displaced by the disaster, and that more remained “trapped in isolated places.

However, the Agency further revealed about Three Hundred And Ninety People were wounded, adding that about Seven Thousand people had taken shelter in various locations in the area.

In his remarks, the head of administration in Cianjur town, Herman Suherman said most injuries were bone fractures sustained from people being trapped by debris in buildings.

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