Inflation: Labour Demands Upward Review Of National Minimum Wage

Written by on November 22, 2022

The leadership of Association of Senior Civil Servants of Nigeria has called for an upward review of the national minimum wage, urging the electorate to vote out all anti-workers politicians in the 2023 general elections.

The national president, Comrade (Dr) Tommy Etim Okon made this call on Monday while addressing journalists after the National Executive Council (NEC) which took place in Lagos.

The president who condemned some state governors over their refusal to pay the National Minimum Wage, reiterated his charge on electorates, especially workers to use their votes to vote out those state governors seeking reelection and all politicians who in one way or the other have no regard for the welfare of Nigerian workers.

He lamented that despite the harsh economic situation, inflation has eroded the benefits of the national minimum wage of N30,000 as it can no longer feed average Nigerian workers and families.

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