Industrialist sends ” Save our soul to government

Written by on March 16, 2022

A renowned industrialist and Chief Executive of Shanghai Engineering Works and Industrial Limited (SEWIL), Mr Festus Mbisiogu, has sent a Save-Our-Soul to the federal government over the threat posed to industries because of irregular power supply and high cost of diesel in the region.

Mbisiogu, who spoke at the backdrop of consistent epileptic power supply in the southeast, said his industries which employ hundreds of Nigerians are in danger of closing down.

He also urged for the government’s intervention through palliatives to enable manufacturers to handle the costs.

He said the current costs of diesel have made it difficult to ensure production at this time, as diesel has gone up to N720 and N730 per litre.

According to him, it has never been like this before. It is becoming extremely difficult to produce. He doubted if the business people will be able to cope as virtually large companies rely on diesel as an alternative to shortage of power supply.

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