I’ll resign if NFF employs Keshi – Bassey

Written by on March 4, 2015


AS Nigerians await the verdict of the Nigeria Football Federation on whether to give a fresh contract to Stephen Keshi or not, a member of the NFF Technical and Development Committee, Paul Bassey has vowed to resign if Keshi gets the nod to lead the Super Eagles again.

Keshi led the Eagles to win the African Cup of Nations in 2013 and also led the Eagles to miss out on defending the trophy in Equatorial Guinea.

‘’I feel pained that we are still talking about whether to hire or not to hire Keshi. As for me, I”ve decided that the day they announce Keshi as coach, I’ll relinquish my job as a member of the Technical Committee’’, Bassey, a veteran Sports Journalist and member of CAF and FIFA media committee said on our hotline.

Bassey said that Keshi remains a legend in Nigerian football but has nothing to offer the country as a coach. ‘’I worked with Keshi for four years and know that he has nothing to offer the Eagles as a coach. We need to move our football forward and offer a contract to somebody who will breathe fresh air and bring back Nigeria to the front row of African football and the world. Keshi cannot do this. He knows his limitations but has decided to hold up the same game that gave him fame and fortune in Nigeria. We cannot continue to be moving round in circles with one man on the centre as if without him nothing good can happen to our football. If they appoint him today, I’ll throw in my towel. That is is my opinion and I wish them well’’, Bassey who speaks a cocktail of languages said.

Also, former captain and coach of the Eagles, Chairman Christian Chukwu blamed the Nigeria Football Federation for what he called ‘’motion without movement’’ in the hiring of Stephen Keshi.

‘’I blame the NFF for their slow actions. Time is running out against them as they have delayed the decision of hiring or not hiring him. They have further hurt Nigerian football as the next coach they’ll hire have an already made excuse of not having enough time to prepare the Eagles’’.

‘’I’ve spoken to Keshi as a brother, colleague but I don’t know what he truly wants. The joy of coaching is to reap during the harvest period and endure during famine. I expected him to walk away and take one of his many offers. But the bigger blame goes to the NFF for not acting as an employer. I’m saddened because Nigerian football is the one that is suffering’’, Chukwu, one of the best players to come out from Africa said.

He also blamed NFF for putting itself in a tight corner by making Keshi the sole candidate for the post of handling the Eagles. ‘’They’re waiting for him to study his contract before getting back to them. He remains the only one for the job. They have no alternative because they made him the sole candidate’’, Chukwu said.

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