I should be fine with being alone -Erica

Written by on September 8, 2020

Erica has opened up on lessons from her disqualification.

During her first interview outside the House, Erica apologised to fans and Housemates for the outbursts that eventually led to her disqualification on Sunday.

She apologised to Laycon and other Housemates, including Prince and Dorathy for hurling insults on them.

On her lesson from the disqualification, she said: “The lesson I learned is that I should be fine with being alone, I noticed that I wasn’t fine being alone but now I know that I have to be fine being on my own.

On her favourite moment in the House, she said: “My favourite moment in the house was the two times I won the Head of House, all the parties, I really like dancing, dressing up and looking pretty”.

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