HELPLINE: I caught my Dad “doing things” with another woman. Should I tell my mum?

Written by on March 8, 2015


A young girl couldn’t believe what she saw when she came back home early from school and she is now perplexed to the point of not being able to sleep. (See details of her story below). Tune in for HELPLINE with Temitope Oluleye from 9pm-10pm tonight as attempts will be made to help solve the dilemma she is in. Feel free to give your helpful advice by posting them below, on Twitter @royalfm951, WhatsApp or call in during the show.
Details of her story:

I am 15 years old and I love my mum and dad very much.
One day, I came home from school early and I walked in on my dad doing things on the couch with a lady that works for him. They did not see me and I was so shocked I just stood there like someone had glued me to the floor. Then I tiptoed out again and started to cry. I went to my friend’s house and when she asked me why I was crying I said I fell.

When I built up courage I went home. My mum was home by then and when she asked why my eyes were red I said I had a fight with my friend that’s all but things were ok again. My dad said Hello but I could not look at him in the eyes. Since then I don’t feel like eating and my mum keeps asking: “Honey what’s wrong”? My Dad does not know what I saw and he carries on like normal.

What I saw is tearing me up and I cannot sleep at night.

Do you think I should tell my mum about what I saw? Or should I talk to my Dad about it first? Please what should I do?

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