HELPLINE: “Help! I am addicted to smoking marijuana.”

Written by on May 3, 2015


According to reports, marijuana is as addictive as alcohol and women are more likely to suffer negative effects of smoking it. On “Helpline” withTemitope Oluleye from 9pm-10pm tonight, a woman is addicted to smoking weed and is finding it very difficult to stop. See details below. Your thoughts? Advice? What should she do? Comment below, on Twitter @royafm951 or call in during the programme.

Her Story:

Hi, I am having problem! I can’t stop smoking marijuana! I have been smoking it for the last 9 years straight, went from smoking a quarter a day to 3 times a day. My boyfriend thought 3 times a day was still too much and he was getting very angry because he hates marijuana and just thinks it’s stupid! I tried to stop once and for all but couldn’t do it at all I got really angry, and just was depressed! I just didn’t feel right. Well, my boyfriend thought I stopped smoking like a week ago which I tried to but caught me smoking and was really angry and said if he finds out I smoke it again basically we are over with! I don’t want my relationship thrown away because of marijuana! Someone please give me advice on how to quit!


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