Governor rewards three katsina youths for patriotism

Written by on September 9, 2020

The state governor has rewarded three Katsina state youths and the Katsina police command for their courage to disarm and kill one of the bandits who initially kidnapped them.

The youngsters, two boys, and a girl were also rewarded for returning the AK-47 rifle and a machete they recovered from the bandits to the police.

The Katsina Commissioner of Police, Sanusi Buba, gave monetary rewards to the three youngsters on behalf of the state government and the command.

The presentation of the rewards was done on Tuesday evening inside the police commissioner’s office without fanfare, out of concern for the safety of the youngsters.

The police commissioner did not reveal their names and their villages although those who witnessed the occasion were allowed to see the three youngsters.

The AK-47 rifle and the machete recovered from the bandits were also displayed by the police commissioner during the occasion.

According to the police commissioner, the trio was initially kidnapped on the farm by the two bandits before they summed up the courage to tackle the bandits and overpowered them.

He disclosed, “The two bandits who were armed with an AK-47 rifle and a machete initially kidnapped the two young boys and the girl on the farmland. The trio now summed up the courage to tackle the bandits. While one engaged the one with a machete, the other two tackled the one with the AK-47 rifle.

“The one who handled the bandit with the machete later subdued him and he joined the other two to tackle the other bandit with the rifle.

“One of the boys sustained an injury in the head in the process, although, one of the bandits also died while the other one ran away.

“The three youngsters were also patriotic enough to submit the weapons, i.e. the AK-47 rifle and the machete to the police after the incident.

“It is in appreciation of their bravery and patriotism that the state government and the command have decided to reward the three youngsters with this token.”

The eldest among the three youngsters also relayed their encounter with the bandits to the gathering.

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