Father’s Day: Cleric Urge Fathers to Take up Duties of a King

Written by on June 18, 2023

As Nigerians joined their counterparts around the world to celebrate Father’s Day today, fathers have being urged take up their responsibility as king of their home as Christ is the head of the Church.


Speaking on celebration of the day, Pastor Yemi Olaoye of cherubim and seraphim movements church Ilorin stated that fathers have being put to be the head of the family by God  and also to be  the king which have being saddled with responsibilities of kingship legacy.


He urged them to take up their roles and duties in the home and society uprightly and with diligence adding that Father should stand as the watch man of the family according to book of Habakkuk chapter two verse one 


While speaking on qualities a father should process, Pastor Yemi implores all fathers to show love to their wife and children unconditionally as it has being commanded by God.

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