Defense Ministry Confirms Death Of Two Pilots In Afghanistan Military Helicopter Crash

Written by on May 22, 2023

The Defense Ministry in Afghanistan has confirmed the death of two pilots on Sunday when a US-made military helicopter crashed in the north of the country.

Explaining how the incident happened, the defense ministry tweeted that an MD-530 helicopter of the country’s air force, which was flying from Mazar-e-Sharif airfield towards Samangan, collided with an electricity pylon.

Recall that in September a Black Hawk helicopter commandeered by the Taliban government after the chaotic US withdrawal from Afghanistan crashed during a training session in Kabul, killing two pilots and a crew member.

When exiting the country in 2021, the US military left behind billions of dollars’ worth of aircraft, vehicles, weapons and other hardware — much of which it said had been rendered inoperable.

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