Dear readers: my husband constantly talks to his ex-girlfriend

Written by on June 4, 2015

For a female reader

I need to see what people think about this, so I know if I’m just going crazy or my fears are valid. We’ve been married for about a year. Before marriage he only mentioned her to me in passing, as one of his ex girlfriends, however, ever since we got married, I’ve come to know her in great detail as he talks about her frequently and with great delight each time. Apparently they dated for almost 2 years and lived together the whole time. From his stories about her, I learnt that she helped him a lot during the time of his life when things were rough. However the only reason he’s given me why he didn’t marry her is cos she’s not Nigerian and he thought that might cause him problems in future. He talks to her everyday. He calls her when he leaves for work, also when he’s at work.
He calls her occasionally when he’s home with me n he usually tells me when he wants to call her n he places it on speaker. They exchange text messages thru watsapp all the time. I complained to him severally about the frequency of the contact cos I’m very uncomfortable with it. He keeps telling me there’s nothing between them and the contact will die off eventually. At some point he started clearing their chats. I noticed and confronted him n he lied about it initially, n later admitted that it was cos d chats were bothering me too much n he didn’t want me unhappy. I’ve tried to ignore it. But I keep lapsing into unhappiness. He seems to value their friendship more than whatever I have to say about it. I’m sorry this is so long. Sometimes I feel like the only reason he married he instead of her is cos I’m also nigerian. Please I need advice on what to do about this. Should I just keep trying to ignore them n hope it goes away? Or should I do something?

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  1. Akande Ayodeji   On   November 7, 2015 at 8:48 pm

    Your husband still have strong affection for the lady.If care is not taken the man will soon jilt you and go back to his ex.It is obvious the man loves his ex more than you.

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