Chadian Lawyers Down Tools In Protest Of Mass Trial Of Anti-Goverment Demonstrators

Written by on November 29, 2022

Following the decision of the Chadian Government to try about Four Hundred And One people, legal practitioners in the country have decided to down tools in protest of mass trials of the anti-government demonstrators.

Recall that about 50 people — including 10 members of the security forces — died when police opened fire on the demonstrators in the capital N’Djamena and several other cities on October 20.

However, the opposition groups claimed the actual toll was much higher, with unarmed civilians massacred. The Prosecutors added that 401 detainees will be tried today, November 29 to December 4 inside the high-security prison of Koro Toro in the middle of the desert.

In response to the decision of the government, the lawyers have announced a mandate to down their tools and seize all activities for the duration of the mass trial.

The secretary of the Chad Bar Association, Koulmen Nadjiro said nothing had been done to help lawyers defend detainees at the remote prison. He added that the move to down tools is a way to force the justice ministry to create an avenue to allow the lawyers to defend their clients, while their safety is guaranteed.

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