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In a bid to curtail the spread of  COVID-19 (Coronavirus) in Nigeria, an Afro pop Artist ,Frequencie has called on the Federal and State governments to intensify  efforts in sensitizing residents within interior communities in Nigeria on the deadly effects of coronavirus (Covid-19) . Eyanro Ayokanmi Oluwasegun “Frequencie” who stated this while lending his voice […]

Speaking about the intelligence of the smartphone, the presence of stock Android eight point one Oreo OS under the Android One project answers that. The smartphone supports the Google Lens and Google Assistant which helps to make the smartphone a more interactive device. Imagine yourself washing clothes several meters away from your phone, and asking […]

For a female reader I need to see what people think about this, so I know if I’m just going crazy or my fears are valid. We’ve been married for about a year. Before marriage he only mentioned her to me in passing, as one of his ex girlfriends, however, ever since we got married, […]

On Helpline with Temitope Oluleye​ from 9pm-10pm tonight, a woman keeps getting unwanted advances from her father-in-law which makes her uneasy. How do you think she should deal with this? Tell her husband? See details of her story below. You can post your advice below, on Twitter @royalfm951, WhatsApp or call in during the show. […]

What if there is a “Fountain of Youth” somewhere, would you do everything possible to get to it? To know about this “Fountain”, tune in for 100% Woman with Temitope Oluleye from 5pm-5:45pm. Get enlightened on how you can look younger, feel younger and live longer on 100% Woman.‪#‎100PWoman‬ ‪#‎TemitopeOluleye‬

According to reports, marijuana is as addictive as alcohol and women are more likely to suffer negative effects of smoking it. On “Helpline” withTemitope Oluleye from 9pm-10pm tonight, a woman is addicted to smoking weed and is finding it very difficult to stop. See details below. Your thoughts? Advice? What should she do? Comment below, […]

There is a thin line between love and hate they say. Why would someone who professes to love you threaten to humiliate you on social media? This is the “hot water” this young lady finds herself in. Any thoughts? How do you think she can deal with this situation? Put your comments below, on Twitter […]

Daily Personal Hygiene is a necessity for a radiant, healthy you. On 100% Woman with Temitope Oluleye from 5:00pm-5:45pm, you will be given top seven (7) great personal hygiene tips that will help improve your standard of living. Tune in for life-changing, valuable information. Do you have any personal hygiene tips would like to share? […]

Oh Yes indeed! That’s just a sneak peek into the really odd news we have for you tonight. Get details when you tune in for “The Night Train” from 7pm-9pm with Winky Sugar & Temmie tonight and get your popcorn ready ’cause your favourite movie game “Who Said That” will come up as well. We […]

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