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United States President, Donald Trump has called for death penalty for an Uzbek immigrant accused of plowing a truck down a New York City bike path, killing eight people, describing the man as a terrorist.               Twenty-nine year old Sayfullo Saipov, who was hospitalized after he was shot by […]

Shinzo Abe has been re-elected Japan’s prime minister by the parliament following his ruling party’s landslide victory in elections last month. Lawmakers voted today to reinstall Abe by a majority of three hundred and twelve votes in the four hundred and sixty-five-seat lower house of the Japanese parliament. In the two hundred and forty-two-seat upper […]

Voting is under way in Kenya amid tight security in a re-run of the presidential election, which is being boycotted by the main opposition. President Uhuru Kenyatta was declared the winner in an August vote, but it is being held again over “irregularities”.   Seventy-two-year-old opposition leader, Raila Odinga said opposition demands to reform the […]

America’s top general, Joseph Dunford, has promised a full investigation into the deaths of four soldiers in Niger earlier this month, saying their families deserved an explanation of what happened.   General Dunford said they had been attacked by suspected Islamist extremists while on a reconnaissance patrol, and had waited about an hour to request […]

Around 2,000 Kenyans marched towards the election board offices in the city of Kisumu on Tuesday, witnesses said, responding to a call from opposition leader Raila Odinga for protests against an imminent election. Odinga is boycotting Thursday’s repeat presidential ballot.   He says the contest, against incumbent President Uhuru Kenyatta, will not be free and […]

US forces have been accused of killing twenty-two Somali troops in what is said to be a misdirected airstrike in the country’s northern regions. On Wednesday, Galmudug states’ Security Minister Osman Issa announced that his soldiers were killed in the airstrike, adding that the attack was launched on a request of from the rival neighboring […]

Congress has voted to override President Barack Obama’s veto of a bill that would allow families of 9/11 victims to sue Saudi Arabian officials. In the first veto override of his presidency, the Senate voted ninety-seven to one and the House of Representatives three hundred and thirty-eight to seventy-four, meaning the bill becomes law. The […]

The Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries has agreed to cut production by seven hundred and fifty thousand barrels a day, reducing its oil production to thirty-two-point-five million barrels per day from November. The agreement, which is the first in eight years, was reached in an informal meeting of the Organization in Algeria. The meeting in […]

he Syrian military has announced a new offensive in rebel-held eastern Aleppo, where a quarter of a million people are living under siege. State media reports that Army officials have warned civilians to avoid areas where “terrorists” are operating.   It comes after jets pounded rebel positions in the city on Wednesday night as a […]

A third night of protests has rocked the city of Charlotte, North Carolina, in the United States, after a black man was shot dead by a black police officer on Tuesday. Thursday’s protest was largely peaceful after violence a day earlier during which one person was fatally shot and later died.   Keith Lamont Scott’s […]

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