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Many will recall reports made three years ago about incidents of xenophobia against Nigerian citizens living in South Africa. Unsurprisingly, the immediate and diplomatic response was to condemn any such acts, overtly denouncing xenophobia. In an open letter, South African President Jacob Zuma addressed the accusations of xenophobia against that country saying, “… we embrace […]

North and South Korea have agreed to hold military talks to defuse border tension, after their first high-level meeting in two years. The North will also send a delegation to the 2018 Winter Olympic Games taking place in South Korea in February. Agreement was also reached to reinstate a military hotline suspended two years […]

The horrifying accounts of modern-day slavery that surfaced in recent days have raised several questions for us as a people. Shockingly, our fellow Nigerian citizens are being sold into slavery for as little as two hundred dollars and having both their bodies and their basic human rights violated. This harrowing turn of affairs leaves us […]

According to Encyclopaedia Britannica, Africa is the world’s second-largest continent, spanning over thirty million square kilometres. Despite its diverse population, the continent of Africa is often homogenised in Western popular culture. Our continent is as ethnically diverse as it is geographically varied. Although Africans share a lot of similarities between them, we are, contrary to […]

Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe has agreed to stand down and his resignation letter has been drafted, CNN said today, citing a source familiar with his negotiations with the generals who seized power in Harare last week.   Under the terms of the deal, Mugabe and his wife Grace would be granted full immunity. Two senior […]

Kenya’s Supreme Court has upheld the re-election of President Uhuru Kenyatta in last month’s repeat presidential vote. Chief Justice, David Maraga today said the court dismissed two legal challenges to the vote in a unanimous decision by six judges. The petitioners had argued, amongst other reasons, that the outcome should be voided because the election […]

Polls have opened in the self-declared republic of Somaliland in the presidential election. The election will use an iris-based biometric voting system – a world first, according to the election spokesman.   Just over seven hundred thousand voters are eligible to take part in the election which is being contested by three candidates. At least […]

A seven-point-three magnitude earthquake struck the border region between Iraq and Iran late on Sunday, killing at least three hundred and thirty people and injuring an estimated two thousand, five hundred and thirty more.   As aftershocks continued today and as rescuers sped up their operation, Iran’s state news agency IRNA confirmed the death toll, […]

US President Donald Trump has urged North Korea to “come to the table” and discuss giving up its nuclear weapons. Striking a different tone from previous fiery rhetoric, he said he “hopes to God” he does not have to use the US military against Pyongyang.   Mr Trump was speaking at a press conference with […]

A former lawmaker has filed a petition at Kenya’s Supreme Court challenging President Uhuru Kenyatta’s victory in last month’s presidential election in a last minute move that opens the door to legal scrutiny of the vote.   Harun Mwau filed the petition hours before a Monday deadline set by the constitution expired. Earlier in the […]

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