Beggars: Reactions Travail in Ilorin Metro

Written by on March 10, 2023

As numbers of beggars continue to rise due to increase in Poverty and insecurity across the country, Kwara State has become a habitat for beggars most particularly within the teenagers who are supposed to be in school.

Ilorin Metropolis has been polluted with underage children begging for alms around the street.

Royal Fm Correspondent gathered that some residents of Ilorin metropolis have expressed concern over the influx of child beggars mostly from the Northern part of the country to Kwara State and its impact on security of the state.

Oluwakemi Adeola, a trader at Ilorin Post Office, recalled how insecurity had affected the northern part of the country linking underage begging as an Avenue for recruiting bandits and terrorists

She advised the State Government to give out free education to them and have a strong Data base system that will ensure the security of its border and noted that begging shouldn’t be a means of survival.

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