ASUU Strike: Students engage in alternative jobs to tackle idleness

Written by on August 2, 2022

Following the announcement of the Academic Staff Union of Universities ASUU to further extend its ongoing strike by four weeks, students in public universities are engaging in alternative jobs to tackle idleness.


The aggrieved students lamented the inability of the Federal Government and the academic unions in public universities to reach an agreement to halt the ongoing industrial action.


“It is sad and unfortunate that we would have to toll through this line again. This would be like the fifteenth strike if I am not mistaken since the democratic rule or what I call civilian rule because I believe the voice of the majority should be heard if we are practicing democracy. The Government has remained infidel to the agreement they never signed under duress”


“What I just feel is, since the government already has an agreement with ASUU. Irrespective of the person in power at the time, I believe it is right for the government to come on board and also honor the agreement and to me, that is true leadership”


However, some also criticized the Academic Staff Union of Universities ASUU for not showing concern for the future of the students; instead fighting to achieve their objectives.


“I believe ASUU started the struggle for their own pocket, for their salaries to be increased and for their arrears to be cleared. then they thought wise not to kick off with that as they would not get the complete support of the Nigerian citizen”

Some parents who reacted to the extension of the strike urged the government to suspend the strike and prevent them from engaging in criminal activities.


“The government’s action on the students’ case is very bad, their own children are outside the country while they put the future of the students at risk. The strike is affecting us, parents, we are unable to do the majority of the things we used to do. Our children are roaming about the street and engaging in immoral activities because they have the time to do so ”


By – Adeyemi Adewale

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