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Dayo Adeyemi

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May 9th, 2013

DOD2Duke of Dudes (DOD) as he is popularly called fell in love with the Radio at an early age from listening to Dan foster. He started his Radio life with the Broadcasting Corporation of Oyo BCOS where he presented the Late night show WHISPERS OF THE NIGHT. He also presented the Popular show TALK TO Me on Radio Nigeria Harmony Fm Ilorin, where he counseled folks on love and Relationships.

Dayo has been described as dynamic, vibrant, humble and full of positive energy which applies to a wide audience of all ages. You can enjoy his Music and tap from his Knowledge of love on SOUL LOUNGE (MONDAYS &SATURDAYS) 1OPM-1.AM and Wednesdays for TALK BACK to enjoy the best Love jams from the Kings and Queens of the old school.

He loves swimming and cooking.

2 Responses to “Dayo Adeyemi”

  1. boartmo says:

    Hmmm, just finish listening 2 ur programme, wow ur voice is 2 captivating and awesome it make me feel great and relief, pls keep it up, I won’t lie 2 dis u make me fall in love wit royal fm radio.I love ya

  2. Daudu abimbola faidat says:

    Dayo u r rily gr8t n inspiring. 2day z d 3rd tym i listened 2 talkback n i jst dnt wana miss any part of it. Wat mks d program lovely s nt dtittle or d contents, bt d presenter. N u 1 such persn 1 jst wana listen 2 al day lng. Kip up d spirit, d hardwork n d voice. Cos as much as u r a gr8t presenta, ur convincin voice s wat draws pple near. Thump up n gudluck.

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